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About Byron

I help corporate women who want to break the glass ceiling and get a seat at the decision making table.  These brilliant women are often struggling to express their confidence and intelligence in a way that makes other people feel comfortable.


What I find is these women are often challenged navigating politics, inspiring others to accept change and having fairness in promotions.  They feel misunderstood, marginalized, treated using a double standard, undervalued, underpaid, and perceived as any number of derogatory names when considered too direct.

What they really want is to be confident and competent without arrogance. They want to be direct, yet compassionate. Their desire is to create an inspiring legacy of impacting the careers of others in a positive way.


By booking a 1:1 session, we can discuss your goals, what's holding back from your dreams and determine how you can best move forward with adopting lasting change in your leadership.

My Mission

I believe in the power of equality in the workplace in leadership and right through to the front line.  My mission is to help women, LGBTIQ individuals, people of color, and people with disabilities find their place in this new world that values their work, diversity and multiple perspectives, on all levels and all around the globe.

Choose Your Perfect Package

Struggling to navigate company politics?

Adopt people skills that drive your rock stardom. Develop a winning edge that attracts stakeholders' support. Lead confidently with assurance that precedes you before you enter a room and lingers long after your exit. Deepen your skills in building relationship in order to get work done. Focus your listening on what matters most. Master your role as a leader that elicits confidence in others.

Looking to manage Diversity, Equity & Inclusion?

​Tap into corporate culture to accurately map your coordinates in managing diversity. Learn how to generate a diverse flow of innovations and ideas that increase net worth and human value. Build skills to develop your conceptual mindset. Uncover the change people want and show them how to adapt and benefit from it. Learn to reframe adversity to motivate the desire to change.

Want to bring others along and leave a LEGACY?

Create a business culture that integrates your values and desired outcomes. Empower others to become emerging leaders. Grow your story to contribute to aspirational change. Design a sisterhood that expands your reach exponentially. Develop a process for bringing others along. Help others avoid the road blocks and resulting stumbles that can get in the way of success.

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